Recipe Finder

This is a personal project that I made in one day, to see how far I could get. I made this to gain more front-end experience. Since I prefer back-end, most of my projects are back-end focused so I wanted to improve my front-end. I put the focus on efficient Javascript and well-written HTML code. I used an online API to get all the recipes.

The idea was that the user can type in the name of a recipe. Then he or she will see an overview of different kind of recipes. Each item in the overview contains a picture, the link to the full recipe, the ingredients and the food labels.

This project gave me a lot of experience when it comes to writing good HTML, CSS and Javascript and using an Open API.
I plan on expanding this project with a “favorite”-section, in which I will save the recipes in the localstorage of the website.

For the project I used the following technologies:
– HTML, CSS and Javascript
– API from Edamam

The code of this project can be found on my personal Github account.