Ordina Cognitive Services

This project was a group project that we had to make for school in order of Ordina – which is a big technology company in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was a 5-person project which we worked on with 4 people. This way we gained a lot of valuable and professional company experience.

Ordina asked us to develop a product, with which they could do crow analytics on events. The product had to be serverless, easy scalable and maintainable. The goal of the product was to have a clear overview of the visitor happiness, the busy spots, … This way the event manager can easily manage the event and make predictions for the following years.

We had a budget of €200 and remained beneath that – something Ordina didn’t expect.
We used Azure’s cognitive services to analyze the faces of the visitors from pictures, that we took using a camera and a Raspberry Pi. We also worked hybrid, using the CosmosDB for the event-logs and the MSSQL database for the accounts. For the website we used ASP.NET Core MVC, since this way we could efficiently setup an excellent website, since we only had 3 weeks to work on the project.

I began with designing the MSSQL Database and setting up some Azure services. After that I drew some wireframes and began working on the website. I worked on both the front- and the back-end, but I focused more on the front-end. This was because I was the best in front-end from our group.

This project definitely was a big experience. We gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to ASP.NET Core, Azure, communication, teamwork and working for a company. Ordina was very happy with the outcome, and we ended up with an impressive result – according to the jury and Ordina.
This project proved that our team can work both efficient and cheap.

For the project we used the following technologies:
– Raspberry Pi (UWP C#)
– HTML, CSS and JavaScript
– Azure services
– Azure Functions
– Cognitive Services
– CosmosDB (NOSQL)
– IoT Hub
– Blob Storage