This project was the first project I worked on with a team. Together with fellow students I had the assignment to make a flowerpot – that was designed by a student of IPD (Industrial Product Design) – a smart product. We did this by developing an application that shows the received data from the flowerpot. This way the user can easily check the statistics and manage it’s plant(s). The IPD-student gave us the design of what the application should look like, and I based the front-end on his.

We chose to use Xamarin.Forms, so that the application was compatible over 3 different platforms (Android, iOS, UWP). Besides Xamarin.Forms, we also used MSSQL and Azure Functions for the database and the API.

In the beginning I was working on the database, eventually focussing more on the front-end – since that appeared to be more work than expected. For the front-end I decided to write as much as possible in XAML, to devide the front- and the back-end as best as possible. The things that weren’t possible in XAML – or too time consuming – in C#.

Because of good collaboration and communication, we ended up delivering a finished product that was displayed on multiple events.

For the project we used following technologies:
– Arduino
– Raspberry Pi (Python)
– Azure Functions (C#)
– Xamarin.Forms (C#)