On this page I’ll explain the things on my resume – which you can download here – in more detail.



Howest University of Applied Science in Belgium (2016 – 2019)

I’m getting my bachelor in Web and App Development. During my educational career I had to work on several group projects.With both of them, me and my team were awarded for the success of these projects projects. You can find these two projects on my “Projects”-page (Ordina Cognitive Services, Flowergotchi)


Royal Atheneum Zottegem (2013 – 2016)

I studied Secretary – Modern Languages in high school, this being because I’ve always wanted to go abroad and languages are a necessity when doing so. We made several study trips abroad where we learned about the culture and history of the people living there. My last study trip was to Seville (Spain) where I was nominated as “Mr Seville” due to excelling in cultural assignments, competency and communication.


Pre-internship field experiences

Rehab Clinic “De Pelgrim” (August 2015)

I worked there as a cook assistant which was a humbling experience, because I interacted with patients struggling to live. For me this was a opportunity to assist them, observe and encourage them as they strived through through obstacles, and genuinely listen to their inspiring stories. I learned a lot from this experience and I was glad that I could help them in my own way.


Technical projects

Crowd Analytics – Ordina Cognitive Services (June 2018)

This was my second group project that we made in order of Ordina. The project involved a website designed to display data received by analyzing visitor satisfaction at conventions. Through this I gained experience working cooperatively, in high demand of a company with large requirements. (Ordina Cognitive Services)



This was my first group project for which we developed an application to show translated data received from sensors. I learned to collectively code, adapt my way of writing code and properly address client concerns by sharing technical advice. (Flowergotchi)


Recipe Finder

A personal project which involved a website where a user can search for recipes. I gained experience and got comfortable with front-end development, JavaScript and API usage. (Recipe Finder)



– Analyze, design and implement database structures
– Always searching to learn something new
– Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript
– Hands-on experience and knowledge of MSSQL and MySql
– Experience with C#
– Experience with Python
– Experience with ASP .NET Core (API and Razor)
– Experience with Flask
– Experience with Xamarin.Forms
– Experience with Azure
– Organized and structured
– Experience working in an agile and scrum team
– Strong oral and written communication
– Problem solver
– Writing efficient and easy maintainable code
– Troubleshooting and debugging
– Working well independently as well as in team
– Positive thinking and motivating
– Not afraid to give technological advice
– Striving towards perfection


Volunteer work

“Gordel rond Windeke” (2016)

In addition to setting up the event and cleaning when it was finished, I also provided the participants of this bicycle tour with food and water along the tracks, an experience that increased my passion for helping people.


Mentor (2013 – present)

I was constantly involved in tutoring students, helping them with a range of subjects such as math, history, Dutch, programming, coding, debugging, and even proofreading written assignments as well as helping them register for classes.


“Environment Day” (2013 – present)

A couple of students and I got together to clean around campus and the community, picking up trash, organizing surroundings, and asking civilians if they needed assistance.


“Feed the need” (2016 – present)

A small event designed by a few students where we raised money dedicated to a struggling family.


International experience

I have traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Italy and hopefully, the US soon. Not only did this help me appreciate different cultures and people, it developed my understanding and communication. Besides my travelling I speak to people abroad on a daily basis, something that I enjoy doing.



– Google Marketing (December 2016)
– Business Management (June 2016)



– Dutch (native)
– English
– French
– German