This project was the first project I worked on with a team. Together with fellow students I had the assignment to make a flowerpot – that was designed by a student of IPD (Industrial Product Design) – a smart product. We did this by developing an application that shows the received data from the flowerpot. […]

Ordina Cognitive Services

This project was a group project that we had to make for school in order of Ordina – which is a big technology company in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was a 5-person project which we worked on with 4 people. This way we gained a lot of valuable and professional company experience. Ordina […]

Recipe Finder

This is a personal project that I made in one day, to see how far I could get. I made this to gain more front-end experience. Since I prefer back-end, most of my projects are back-end focused so I wanted to improve my front-end. I put the focus on efficient Javascript and well-written HTML code. […]