About Me

My story

The face behind the screen

I am a Belgian, passionate programmer who’s dedicated to gain knowledge and help people.
When I was younger I was always looking for a way to help people, though I couldn’t always find a good way to do that. Suddenly, several years later, the idea of programming came to mind. I saw on television how technology was changing the world, how it made people’s lives easier. From that moment on I jumped into the IT-world, and kept up with the latest news.
I was fifteen when I learned HTML and CSS, and a few months later the basics of Java. This is the moment I fell in love with programming. I discovered the power of it and thinking about it always gave me a thrill me. It amazed me how you can tell the computer what to do, just by typing lines of code.
It was clear to me, I wanted to build websites and apps. Besides this being a true passion, there’s also a nice future attached to it. Because of this decision, my dream of going abroad was closer than ever before.
Now, five years later, I almost have my degree of “Web and App Development” and I’m planning on moving abroad, preferable to the US. My discovery of technology changed my life for good. It allowed me to dream and my creativity to flow.



I would say that I am a true bookworm, since I love sitting back with a good novel or poem. I myself also like to write stories and poems, since they allow me to express my thoughts and feelings. Besides writing and reading, I also like sports, particularly soccer. I have played soccer for 10 years when I was younger, and nowadays I still work out to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I am also passionate about history, which I think can be very helpful in our everyday life. Since this allows us to learn from our mistakes, and to keep improving.



I live by the quote “Knowledge is power”, the more knowledge you have, the easier you can solve problems and help other people and anticipate certain situations. I try to learn new things on a daily base, I also want to share the knowledge that I have, for people to learn from it and not make the same mistakes as I made. I am determined to reach my goal, to give everything my best and to come as close to perfection as possible. This way I can happily deliver a finished product, after a long time of hard work.



My future

The future is something that I can’t predict, however I have some things in mind that I would like to come true. I always saw myself living between people with a different culture. I see myself remaining in the technology sector, primarily spending my time on web and app development. Although I wouldn’t mind diving more into the world of desktop application development.  I am definitely prepared to adapt myself, and that is something that I have became good in over the years. Gathering knowledge every day is a priority for me, if not at work, then at home. I keep working on improving myself, and becoming a better person.



My entire life I have focused on helping others as best as I can to reach their goals. I like teaching them things that I know, as well as motivate them to pursue their dreams and to think for themselves. I encourage others to question certain things in life, and to try and make a conclusion, so this way they can reflect and learn from it. To me self-improvement is something important. It is something that I constantly do, but also help others doing. Besides helping people, I also like being a volunteer. I helped multiple times with the setup of events, and even with keeping nature clean. I did this by picking up trash in my community.