Efficient And Clean Coding
Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium
Efficient And Clean Coding
Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium

Yentl Van Damme


Writing efficient and clean code


Comfortable with databases, back-end and front-end

App Development

Developing applications with Xamarin

About Me


My story


I am Yentl Van Damme and I currently study at the Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. I am currently looking for a company in Tampa (Florida), where I can do my internship, with the purpose of staying in the US and building up a live there. I am specializing in Web and App development, which focuses on the future of the web and mobile devices.

In high school I studied Secretary and Modern Languages. My purpose of studying this, was so I had a good understanding of languages, especially English, for when I would move abroad. Moving abroad has always been a dream. Since I was very young, I always wanted to move abroad and see the world.

Later in high school I started getting interesting in websites, apps and computer science. I saw a great opportunity in learning about these subjects. Since this was the future, it was pretty fun and there were a lot of jobs open.
I learned myself HTML and CSS and even started learning the basics of Java.

I have always been very ambitious and a perfectionist, so when I graduated high school, I wanted to find the best school possible in Belgium. That’s when I found the Howest University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. A university with a very good reputation. It is focused on the future of technology and on international relations. It was a logical choice that I would give it all I got. Every day I travel 3 hours in total travelling to school back home. But because of my persistance I went to school every day, and I never missed a single train.

Web and App development consists out of a lot of parts. The thing I like the most is front-end development and back-end development. I also don’t mind working on apps.
I am fluent in c#, Python and JavaScript, and love working with ASP.NET. I also have experience working with Flask, Microsoft Azure and MVVM as a pattern. I find my way in the world of databases and SQL. At the moment I am also entering the world of PHP, and I’m also focussing on C#. I would say that I am good at learning other programming languages.
Besides the programming part, I can also work very well with Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.
I can work agile and I am good at working in team, as well as working on my own. My debugging skills are on point, and I never give up on solving a bug.

To me, learning is essential. I always try to learn something new each time.

In January 2018 I was part of the team that helped develop Flowergotchi. I mainly focussed on the front-end, and sometimes helped with the database as well. Flowergotchi is a project, that has been shown on a lot of expos so far and has received a lot of good reviews.

In June 2018 I worked on a project in orde by Ordina together with three others. I worked with ASP.NET Core and did the front-end, part of the back-end and helped with the databases. For the project we did crowd analytics on events and used AI and machine learning. This way the administrator of an event has a clear overview of all the data.
We also provided a website for the visitor, so that he or she could see personal statistics.
This whole project is GDPR compliant.

As mentioned before, my dream has always been to move abroad. If possible in the United States. I would like to do my next internship in 2019, in Tampa. I am mainly looking for a job as a full-stack developer, front-end developer or back-end developer. Although I don’t mind working on mobile applications either.




Web Development


Web development is what I like to do the most. For the back-end I prefer ASP.NET Core in C# over Flask in Python. I can work with both ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET Core API. For small projects I prefer to work with Razor-views, because they are easy and quick to set up. For bigger projects I prefer the API, since then I can focus more in the design without any restrictions. For the front-end I like working with Gulp. For small projects I mostly don’t use it.

Next semester (October 2018 – December 2018), I am also learning Angular and React.

App Development


Besides web development I also like app development. I have worked with Xamarin and I prefer using this, since this way you can develop applications for Android, iOS and UWP at the same time. I have also developed iOS apps with C# to then run them in MacInCloud. Although I prefer not to work this way.

Next semester (October 2018 – December 2018), I am also learning Android using Java.



I have a large interest in databases. I have worked with MySql and MSSQL. I prefer MSSQL over MySQL, but that’s just because of the working environment. When it comes to connecting databases to ASP.NET Core, I prefer using LINQ (lambda) over SQL statements. This because it is much faster, and it’s harder to make typos.

I can also write Azure Functions in C#. At the moment, I am testing with NOSQL, since databases in JSON are getting more and more important.